The need for multifunctional and active medical devices continues to evolve and grow, bringing challenges in determining the best methods for introducing the desired features. Innovative devices aimed at wider prevention, more accurate and timely diagnoses, and more complete treatment and therapy continue to be introduced in the market. Micropen Medical is at the forefront of medical device development.

Collaborating and partnering with OEMs, universities and research labs, Micropen Medical has developed, and continues to develop, products for a variety of medical applications.

Printing electrodes on non-flat, flexible, inflatable and delicate substrates such as tubular probes and catheter balloons for cardiac ablation, renal denervation or electro-cauterization.
Printing conductive traces on endotracheal, esophageal
tubes, medical balloons and stretchable substrates for
neuro-stimulation, nerve stimulation, and dysphagia
ET Tube Monitor
Electrodes printed on endotracheal tubes for nerve monitoring and cardiac output monitoring.
Printed sensors on medical devices for sensing temperature, pressure, physiological output.
RO marker on DCBalloon
Printing radiopaque markers and bands on flexible, inflatable, delicate substrates to enhance device navigation and placement.
Drug Delivery
Pictured is a prototype Nitinol stent that is MicroPenned with a drug eluting polymer. Other MicroPenned materials in similar applications are pharmaceutical compounds that are bio-reagent solutions and saline based compounds.