The most precise and cost effective way of printing fine, conformal traces of functional materials directly onto medical devices and 3D geometries

micropenningMicroPenning is a flow-based micro-dispensing technique in which printed materials are extruded with a high degree of control through a syringe and a precision pen tip. The pen tip “rides” on the surface of the material, not touching the substrate surface.

Micropenning® is an additive printing technique, depositing the precise amount of material needed, making it beneficial when using novel, expensive or rare inks. The efficient use of materials and the ease of changing them provide product designers with increased prototype control as well as reducing time-to-market.

Ink and substrate selection are important factors when choosing to apply flow-based Micropenning® technology in medical device development. Sensors, ablation catheters, electro-surgery devices, cauterization probes, radiopaque markings, monitoring devices and other products in the market today are the result of material selection and optimization of the Micropen manufacturing process.